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To create a table, select one or more cities from the list, one or more years, and up to ten fiscal variables from any of the four drop-down menus. There are a variety of additional options available. The units of measurement can be adjusted to display data in total dollar amounts or per capita terms and as nominal dollars or adjusted for inflation. The level of government can also be adjusted to display data for the fiscally standardized city (FiSC) and/or one or more of the component governments—cities, counties, school districts, and special districts. Several additional variables are available on the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page, including the population of each city.    

Source of Local Government Census Data Used for FiSCs

1. Select Cities and Years
2. Choose Revenue and Spending Categories (Up to 10)
Definitions for Key Revenue and Spending Summary Variables
List of all Fiscal Variables in Hierarchical Table

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Display Options and Additional Variables

1. Change Default Display Options
Units Per Capita
Inflation-Adjustment Real (2011 Dollars)
Level Of Government

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Suggested citation: 
Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Fiscally Standardized Cities database.
Accessed on: August 14, 2018